Bench Vaults

The Bench Vault is an exercise that kind of reminds me of the days when we would do horsey kicks over football oval rails.

It seems a bit harder these days, but then, kids were made for bouncing around plyometrically from trees and such...

This is an ideal exercise for use in ICE circuits, as most plymetric exercises do elevate the heart rate to somewhere between "oh SH&*^&" and dead...


How to perform the dreaded Burpee

Drink your water

One of the main ideas at Body Conquest is that you need to drink plenty of water. The increased fibre intake in your eating plan requires greater water levels to assist bowel movement. It increases your metabolism, improves the osmosis effect during lipid oxidation and also maximises the potential for body temperature regulation to affect your metabolism.

Dumbbell Squat Thrusts

This is a dumbell squat thrust - a weighted variation of a burpee, so think burpee (icky pain and hatred in a little snuggle ball) and then add weight to make it so much more enjoyable *chortle*

Jack Knives

How to perform Jack Knives, an abdominal exercise that Body Conquest trainers utilise during Intense Cardio Exercise (ICE) sessions.

Load And Explode ICE session

Load and Explode is a programme that was initially created from power training, however if sped up, and less emphasis on explosiveness, combined with less rest and run for about 25 minutes makes for a killer cardio session, if not at least entertaining for the trainer.

Utilising prowler sled, cones, tyres, agility ladders and an unsuspecting and eager trainee, this is a great utilisation of open space and beautiful weather!

Medicine Ball Diagonal Knee Lifts

Medicine Ball Diagonal Knee Lifts are an exercise used by Body Conquest Trainers during Intense Cardio Exercise (ICE) sessions.

As a full body exercise utilising a weighted resistance, these work successfully to increase the heart rate, assisting in fat loss.

Medicine Ball Squat Press

The medicine ball squat press is a similar movement to the kettlebell swing, only without the kettlebells, which Ji refuses to allow to be brought in to the Body Conquest Studio, along with Crossfit, Pilates or any other gimmicky contraptions or kafuffle!

This is a great exercise for use during Intense Cardio Exercise (ICE) sessions, or can also be utilised in a different way during power training sessions.. But you'll have to wait for that!

Mountain Climbers

Not to be confused with a bearded man in explorer socks, blundstones and a flannel shirt, the mountain climber is an abdominal exercise to work the hip flexors and abdominals from a planking or push up position.

As many of you would know, Ji Cottrill is not a fan of the virtually worthless non active plank, other than for photo opportunities. But turn it into an active exercise, where you plank AND isometricallycontract the abdominal and hip flexor muscles, then you're onto something that won't score some harsh and biting criticism from him.

Go get 'em tiger!

Palm To Knee Crunches

The palm to knee raise is a variant of an abdominal crunch or situp, very similar to the one utilised by the Australian Military during the Basic Fitness Assessment (BFA).

This is a very simple crunch to improve abdominal and hip flexor strength, and can be used during Intense Cardio Exercise sessions or just as part of an abdominal/core training section.