Post Competition Blues
Post Competition Blues



Discover the strategies and exercises you can put in place to sidestep distaster

This latest Ebook from Body Conquest founder Ingrid Barclay finally puts the focus on what happens after the comp for both fitness models and figure girls.

Ingrid shines a spotlight on the oft ignored problem of post competiton mental health issues that arise after lengthy periods of intense and focused dieting.

Concentrating on a managed ease out from a competition training regime, Ingrid puts forth clear strategies and guidelines for avoiding associated problems.

This comprehensive book provides a look at what embodies emotional eating, the neural associations implicated as well as covering risk management. A workbook and toolkit are provided including several indulgence recipes and 3 training programs designed to continue lean muscle gain.

These recipes are the perfect addition to your exercise routine and couldn't be any simpler to make, and therefore garanteed to help save you time.