All Figured Out
All Figured Out



A Micro Managed Nutrition Guide for Contest Prep

In this Ebook you will find the crucial winning formula's for Team BC's competitive successes for both fitness models and figure girls. Including a 20 week micro-managed prep, that includes 5-6 meals a day every day over the 20 weeks your path to stage nutritionally is clearly laid out for you. You have the blueprint for your success.

With over 800 meals clearly set out for you, that are tasty, easy and quick you no longer have the worry of 'how to' get lean. Peak week is even taken care of for you. No chicken and broccoli on this plan!

  • DIY instead of a using a nutritional coach will save up to $3000 !
  • Guarantees competition readiness !
  • Avoid stress and miscalculation with your meal planning !
  • Secret tips and tricks from contest coaches you won't find on google !
  • Without doubt the most comprehensive nutritonal guide available !