End Emotional Eating Course
End Emotional Eating Course
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Includes 4 coaching sessions conducted via telephone and/or Skype

Topics Covered will include

  1. The hidden reasons why you sabotage your programs and nutrition - What you can do about it!
  2. The A.W.A.R.E Principles - 5 steps to overcome emotional eating.
  3. Identifying limiting beliefs and replacing them with new beliefs
  4. Completing your Social Inventory (you are who you surround yourself with), and how to combat negativity and peer-group pressures.
Only a once off payment of $300

Outcomes of the Ending Emotional Eating Program

  • Feedback on the current state of your metabolism
  • Identification of triggers in and out of your control
  • How to combat the triggers
  • How to replace old habits with new ones
  • Identifying and replacing core beliefs about food
  • Identifying your roadblocks
  • Articulating our self-concepts and understanding how they affect your behaviours
  • Have a plan of attack and positive statements for stressful situations
  • A new 'self-belief' system
  • Have tools and strategies in place to permanently end emotional eating.