10 Week Lean Muscle Gain Course
10 Week Lean Muscle Gain Course
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The 10 week muscle gain course is a program aimed at primarily increasing lean muscle and it also rehabs your metabolism if it has been compromised to yo yo dieting in the past. Through the course you will learn to increase your metabolism enabling more efficient fat metabolism, lean muscle gain, carbohydrate metabolism and better glucose disposal. And of course, you will be assured exemplary strength gains in the gym.

We will also work at training to improve the shape of your body also. You will look better, feel better and perform better. With weekly phone calls with a nutritional consultation each week we aim to teach you how to permanently look after your body so that you can maintain your results.

This course is for someone who really wants to understand not just what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat but WHY - what's the reasoning behind our suggestions. Our advice is always based on science, not myths and opinions. As gaining muscle is the primary objective this course will also look at correct supplementation in depth.