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1 Arm Dumbbell Row With A Twist

The Dumbbell Row is a great single arm exercise for improving the back, particularly the latissumus dorsi and the teres major.

When adding a twist to the movement - like we enjoy doing at Body Conquest, it brings a little more emphasis to the latissimus dorsi than a regular row.

1 Arm Pushups

Remember watching Rocky and wishing you could pushout those 1 arm pushups while yelling out "Yo Adrian!"? No? I did!

These are a tough exercise, but if you are finding regular pushups or explosive pushups too easy, then maybe it's time to give these a go!

3 Phase Situps

At the Body Conquest Training Facility in Geelong, a simple crunch just won't cut the mustard when it comes to working the abdominal muscles. The staff are always trying to come up with new or harder ways to improve core and abdominal strength, stability and power.


The 3 phase situp is a swiss ball based exercise that we would rate as one of the more difficult exercises to master. You will definitely be sore the following day after performing this exercise correctly.

Advanced Leg Press Technique

The leg press technique demonstrated here by head trainer Ingrid Barclay is slightly different to how we normall prescribe leg press for beginning clients.

By taking out the top third of the movement where lockout occurs, we prevent the load being removed from the quadriceps - tension is always on - thus, greater "time under tension" results from the movement.

Watch out, it burns!!

Advanced Technique For Barbell Lunges

Head Trainer Ingrid Barclay demonstrates an advanced (and very different) way of performing barbell lunges.

This technique shifts the emphasis from utilising the glutes to greater pressure on the quadriceps.

Advanced Technique for Leg Extensions

Head Body Conquest Trainer Ingrid Barclay demonstrates another of her advanced lifting techniques - a leg extension that doesn't utilise the top third of the range of movement. This does 2 things, firstly, it prevents a bone on bone shear force enacting upon your knee joint (one of the major issues that is argued about utilising knee extensions) and secondly, it keeps the continual tension on the quadriceps muscles.


How to perform the dreaded Burpee

Cable Biceps Curl

An Ingrid Barclay special, the cable biceps curl is a great way to show off your guns whilst working them in a cable crossover machine!

Welcome to the Gunshow! *boom*

Cable Crossovers

The Cable Crossover is an isolation exercise for the pectoral muscles, in particular, the pectoralis major.

Often this exercise can be seen being performed in the gym in a bent over position with way heavy weights being used, which ends up bringing a lot of deltoid and biceps brachii in to the movement, especially when the arm length is shortened to make the movement easier (why make it super heavy, just to make it biomechanically easier?!)

This way of performing the cable crossover was given to Ingrid from World Champion bodybuilder and NABBA World President Graeme "Porky" Lancefield, and I think we do it justice here...


The deadlift is a weight training exercise where a loaded barbell is lifted of the ground from a stabilised, bent over position.

It is one of the three canonical powerlifting exercises, along with the squat and the bench press.

Here, at Body Conquest, we believe that no training programme should be without a deadlift in it, due to the levels of strength and neural and muscular stimulation involved in the lift. Further, with all the hooplah these days with functional strength and movements, there is no more functional movement than a deadlift. Try picking up anything off the ground, from a box to a small (or large) child and you will see...

Drink your water

One of the main ideas at Body Conquest is that you need to drink plenty of water. The increased fibre intake in your eating plan requires greater water levels to assist bowel movement. It increases your metabolism, improves the osmosis effect during lipid oxidation and also maximises the potential for body temperature regulation to affect your metabolism.

Dumbbell Chest Fly

The Dumbbell Chest Fly is an isolation exercise for the pectoralis major muscles.

Like many isolation exercises, it is performed poorly by many gym rats, as they either straighten the elbows, placing stress on the shoulder and elbow, or they bend the elbows too much and turn the movement in to a quasi-pressing movement.

Dumbbell lateral raise

If you're looking for an exercise to widen your shoulders and achieve that "cannonball" look, lateral or side raises are one of the best deltoid isolation exercises that you can perform.

The medial head of the deltoid is not worked to the same degree as the anterior (front) head of the deltoid when using heavy overhead presses, which can lead to overpowering anterior deltoids, a drooping posture and lack of width in the shoulders.

Remember people, one of the greatest tricks to making your hips and waist look narrow is to increase the width of your shoulders!!

Emotional Eating Choice

Body Conquest Geelong Personal Trainer, Contest Coach and Author Ingrid Barclay talks about emotional eating and making conscious choices.

Emotional Eating Course Introduction

Ingrid Barclay is offering up a huuuuge opportunity for people to get the Emotional Eating Course delivered over 6 months. She talks about it here..

If you find yourself struggling with food control, whether it is utilising food as a crutch, eating from boredom, loneliness, or various other sensations, this course will be a toll in taking back control!

Emotional Eating Tips Part 1

Body Conquest Trainer Ingrid Barclay talks about emotional eating, her soon to be out DIY Contest Prep book, and her emotional eating course.

End Emotional Eating - Goal Card Task 2

Ingird Barclay Geelongs leading personal trainer talks through the second part of designing your picture card. All this in a quest to permanenetly end your emotional or disordered relationsahip with food. Creating the written description requires the3 use of the three "P's". Read on!

End Emotional Eating Part 2 - Self Concept

Ingrid Barclay from Body Conquest, Geelong talks further about Ending Emotional Eating. Today Ingrid introduces the topic of self-concept quoting Brian Tracy author of Maximum Achievement for further reading. Task 3 of the program is delivered.

End Emotional Eating Part 3 - Designing Self Image

Body Conquest Geelong Personal Trainer Ingrid Barclay takes you through part 3 of her End Emotional Eating Course - Starting to create a new self image.

Face Pulls

The Face Pull is an exercise that is utilised by powerlifters to improve musculature and strength in the lower traps (one of the many reasons why these guys have such meaty looking necks).

Not just for aesthetic reasons, this exercise strengthens the neck and shoulder girdle for lifts such as the deadlift, and can prevent rounding of the shoulders and middle back during maximal lifts.

Front Squats

The front squat is a fantastic alternative form of squat to the back squat. The bar is placed on the anterior head of the deltoid, moving the load from posterior to anterior.

This change has good sporting adaptations, as most sports have an emphasis on forward motion, forward tackling or forward or vertical jumping, leaping and bounding.

Many olympic weightlifters would rather compare front squat weights as opposed to back squat weights in conversation - well, this just adds a more hard core element to the movement!

With the weight pushed to the front of the body, greater emphasis is placed on the quadriceps, with less stress on the glutes compared to a back squat.

This is a favourite movement for BC Trainer Ji Cottrill.. let's get crack-a-lacking people!!

Good Mornings

A Good Morning is a weight training exercise that resembles bowing to greet someone "good morning". The erector spinae muscles of the lower back work isometrically to keep the spine in an extended position, while the hamstrings and gluteus maximus work isotonically to perform the hip extension.

The Good Morning exercise is an often used exercise at Geelong based Body Conquest in training programmes, especially involving more experienced lifters. The Good Morning is one of the most important assistant exercises for developing strength for squats and deadlifts.

The Good Morning exercise has drawn criticism from many trainers and trainees claiming it can lead to injuries. However, if performed correctly, this exercise can strengthen the posterior chain and prevent injuries.

GPC Powerlifting Summer Classic

Some of the footage of Team Body Conquest from the Global Powerlifting Committee Summer Classic at PTC Headquarters Carrum Downs, on January 2016

Hanging Leg & Knee Raises

Hanging leg raises and knee raises are a tough exercise for a multitude of reasons.

It requires quite a bit of grip strength to hold your body up (this is quite a good thing if you are interested in improving such a thing)

It is utilising the abdominals and hip flexors from a completely stretched position, which can improve hip and leg drive in running, sprinting, kicking, and various other sporting movements.

If you struggle with your grip failing before your abs and hip flexors, try using chalk or straps. Maybe even use chalf for the first few sets, then as your grip gives out, switch to straps!

How To Correctly Set Up For A Bench Press

How to correctly set up for a bench press at the Body Conquest Training Studio

Incline Dumbbell Curls

Ingrid Barclay demonstrates how to perform an incline dumbbell biceps curl - a variation of spider curls. This advanced technique may look a little like cheating, but it actually allows for the tension to remain in the biceps at all times during the curl.

Lat Pulldown

A lat pulldown is an effective strength training exercise designed to develop the latissimus dorsi and teres major.

This is an ideal exercise for those that cannot perform a chin up or heave, as it does not require the ability to pull your own body weight.

An interesting myth is the idea that the term lat in lat pulldown stands for lateral, but actually stands for latissumus dorsi, as the movement is only partially lateral, but tends to involve more adduction and rotation of the shoulder joint.

Leg Grabs

Leg Grabs are a variation of an abdominal crunch, primarily working the rectus abdominus and the iliopsoas (hip flexor) muscles.

Try a few sets of these and your six pack abs will soon be getting far stronger, and hopefully (with the right nutrition) start to appear and stand out like you were born to be a member of the 300 cast!

Leg Press Set Up

How to correctly set yourself up for a leg press.

Lock & Load Abdominal Crunch

As if there wasn't enough torture abdominal exercises in this world, someone had to go and put the use of a rubber power band in to the momvement for additional resistance.

This is a pretty tough exercise, and not one we give out to first timers in the Body Conquest Studio, but I certainly dare you to try them out...

At least some other people in the gym might get a giggle if ther is an accident!
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