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The team at Body Conquest

Floor Hyperextensions

Floor hyperextensions, and their more difficult variant - Supermans, are floor exercises utilised for working lower back muscles such as the Erector Spinae.

This can be a useful exercise for home programmes, gym programmes, or anywhere that has a floor really.. And I'm hoping most places have floors!

Medicine Ball Diagonal Knee Lifts

Medicine Ball Diagonal Knee Lifts are an exercise used by Body Conquest Trainers during Intense Cardio Exercise (ICE) sessions.

As a full body exercise utilising a weighted resistance, these work successfully to increase the heart rate, assisting in fat loss.

Medicine Ball Slams

How to slam a rather bouncy but weighty medicine ball rather vehemently into the ground with great vengenance and furious anger...

A really great power movement, as when performed correctly can utilise triple extension, and improve your accumulation of joint forces. This has applications with various sporting movements, such as body slams, which we all want to do at some point in our life.

V Crunches

The V Crunch is a variant of leg raises or abdominal crunches - I would hazard a guess that you look something like a V at some point during this exercise or else someone is way off on naming games...

Box Jumps

The Box Jump utilises boxes of varying heights, making the athlete explosively jump to a greater height using leg power.

This exercise can be used during power sessions to improve explosive leg strength, and can also be used in ICE sessions.

Dumbbell Squat Thrusts

This is a dumbell squat thrust - a weighted variation of a burpee, so think burpee (icky pain and hatred in a little snuggle ball) and then add weight to make it so much more enjoyable *chortle*

Bench Vaults

The Bench Vault is an exercise that kind of reminds me of the days when we would do horsey kicks over football oval rails.

It seems a bit harder these days, but then, kids were made for bouncing around plyometrically from trees and such...

This is an ideal exercise for use in ICE circuits, as most plymetric exercises do elevate the heart rate to somewhere between "oh SH&*^&" and dead...

Renegade Row

Everythime I hear the phrase Renegade Rows, I think of flashy scenes from Bladerunner or something cool. What is quite obviously not from Bladerunner, but may assist you in building a body similar to Rutger Hauer's is the almost whole body exercise named the Renegade Row.

Somewhere inbetween a cross of a pushup, a dumbell row and some funky break dancing is this exercise that is handy for something rather different or for use during Intense Cardio Exercise (ICE) sessions.

Medicine Ball Crunch

A Body Conquest Version of a medicine ball crunch.

Bulgarian Split Squat

The Bulgarian Split Suat is a variant of the uni-lateral split squat, utilising a raised platform to increase the angle of the rear leg, placing increased pressure on the performing front leg, and moving the engagement pattern to emphasise the quadriceps muscles instead of the gluteals.

Trust a nut case group of people like the Bulgarians, who's favourite past time is weightlifting to come up with an exercise like this. If you like predictions of the Clubber Lang variety (pain...), then give this exercise a try. You will definitely look hardcore in the squat rack while doing this!

Mountain Climbers

Not to be confused with a bearded man in explorer socks, blundstones and a flannel shirt, the mountain climber is an abdominal exercise to work the hip flexors and abdominals from a planking or push up position.

As many of you would know, Ji Cottrill is not a fan of the virtually worthless non active plank, other than for photo opportunities. But turn it into an active exercise, where you plank AND isometricallycontract the abdominal and hip flexor muscles, then you're onto something that won't score some harsh and biting criticism from him.

Go get 'em tiger!

Palm To Knee Crunches

The palm to knee raise is a variant of an abdominal crunch or situp, very similar to the one utilised by the Australian Military during the Basic Fitness Assessment (BFA).

This is a very simple crunch to improve abdominal and hip flexor strength, and can be used during Intense Cardio Exercise sessions or just as part of an abdominal/core training section.

Load And Explode ICE session

Load and Explode is a programme that was initially created from power training, however if sped up, and less emphasis on explosiveness, combined with less rest and run for about 25 minutes makes for a killer cardio session, if not at least entertaining for the trainer.

Utilising prowler sled, cones, tyres, agility ladders and an unsuspecting and eager trainee, this is a great utilisation of open space and beautiful weather!

Medicine Ball Squat Press

The medicine ball squat press is a similar movement to the kettlebell swing, only without the kettlebells, which Ji refuses to allow to be brought in to the Body Conquest Studio, along with Crossfit, Pilates or any other gimmicky contraptions or kafuffle!

This is a great exercise for use during Intense Cardio Exercise (ICE) sessions, or can also be utilised in a different way during power training sessions.. But you'll have to wait for that!

Frog Jumps

How to perform the plyometric exercise called a Frog Jump, utilised within ICE sessions.

Jack Knives

How to perform Jack Knives, an abdominal exercise that Body Conquest trainers utilise during Intense Cardio Exercise (ICE) sessions.


How to perform the dreaded Burpee

How To Correctly Set Up For A Bench Press

How to correctly set up for a bench press at the Body Conquest Training Studio

Leg Press Set Up

How to correctly set yourself up for a leg press.

Chest Dumbbell Pullovers

A very different way to isolate the pectoral muscles.

1 Arm Pushups

Remember watching Rocky and wishing you could pushout those 1 arm pushups while yelling out "Yo Adrian!"? No? I did!

These are a tough exercise, but if you are finding regular pushups or explosive pushups too easy, then maybe it's time to give these a go!

Face Pulls

The Face Pull is an exercise that is utilised by powerlifters to improve musculature and strength in the lower traps (one of the many reasons why these guys have such meaty looking necks).

Not just for aesthetic reasons, this exercise strengthens the neck and shoulder girdle for lifts such as the deadlift, and can prevent rounding of the shoulders and middle back during maximal lifts.

Swiss Ball Pushups

The swiss ball pushup is a chest exercise combining the pushup with a swiss ball to be able to alter the degree of difficulty.

This is another of the staple exercises used at the Body Conquest Training Studio in Geelong for Needs Analysis, Travel and Home programmes due to the ability for all levels of weight trainee to be able to perform some type of swiss ball push up.

Swiss Ball Squats

The swiss ball squat is an Ingrid Barclay favourite at the Body Conquest Training Studio for application in Needs Analysis sessions with clients, as well as for use in Travel/Home programmes.

It is a full leg exercise, with emphasis on gluteals, quadriceps and hamstrings, but utilising a swiss ball and either bodyweight or dumbells as the resistance.

The use of a swiss ball against a wall allows for people who have never squatted before to be able to get used to the positioning and movement in preparation for barbell based squat, and also allows for people to travel with a "gym" that only requires a swiss ball safely packed away in your suitcase!

Hanging Leg & Knee Raises

Hanging leg raises and knee raises are a tough exercise for a multitude of reasons.

It requires quite a bit of grip strength to hold your body up (this is quite a good thing if you are interested in improving such a thing)

It is utilising the abdominals and hip flexors from a completely stretched position, which can improve hip and leg drive in running, sprinting, kicking, and various other sporting movements.

If you struggle with your grip failing before your abs and hip flexors, try using chalk or straps. Maybe even use chalf for the first few sets, then as your grip gives out, switch to straps!

Lock & Load Abdominal Crunch

As if there wasn't enough torture abdominal exercises in this world, someone had to go and put the use of a rubber power band in to the momvement for additional resistance.

This is a pretty tough exercise, and not one we give out to first timers in the Body Conquest Studio, but I certainly dare you to try them out...

At least some other people in the gym might get a giggle if ther is an accident!

Sing Arm Dumbbell Side Raise

The single arm dumbbell side raise is a single arm version of the isolation exercise Dumbbell side raise or fly.

The single arm version allows you to concentrate on form from one arm to the next and can help to eliminate imbalances between dominant and non dominant sides.

Swiss Ball Passes

The Swiss Ball Pass is an abdominal exercise utilising (quite obviously) a swiss ball as the resistance.

The advantage of this exercise is it works both the rectus abdominus and the hip flexors through both phases.

Drink your water

One of the main ideas at Body Conquest is that you need to drink plenty of water. The increased fibre intake in your eating plan requires greater water levels to assist bowel movement. It increases your metabolism, improves the osmosis effect during lipid oxidation and also maximises the potential for body temperature regulation to affect your metabolism.

Cable Crossovers

The Cable Crossover is an isolation exercise for the pectoral muscles, in particular, the pectoralis major.

Often this exercise can be seen being performed in the gym in a bent over position with way heavy weights being used, which ends up bringing a lot of deltoid and biceps brachii in to the movement, especially when the arm length is shortened to make the movement easier (why make it super heavy, just to make it biomechanically easier?!)

This way of performing the cable crossover was given to Ingrid from World Champion bodybuilder and NABBA World President Graeme "Porky" Lancefield, and I think we do it justice here...
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