The Dreaded Lag Time

Ingrid Barclay on Tuesday, 14 July 2015.

I tried and tried for the best part of 4 weeks to work out why I felt flat after competing – after-all it ended up being the fairy tale ending for me. So why the hell, despite being pretty savvy at writing about post comp blues and dispelling plenty of advice to others was I feeling – well glum.

Well I’ve pinpointed it! When I knew the best decision was to wait and grow for 2 years I thought “gee, that’s a long time to not glam up and have all the fun I had on comp day again….like 2 years is FOREVER”. And you know what, all the talk about shot term goals blah blah well, excuse the loudspeaker but THEY JUST WEREN’T CUTTING IT FO ME. So I was a sad sack. Great that it wasn’t about body fat, or bingeing, or the like but I was grumpy. J

So some “Ing talk” has kicked in. The best way to make long term progress? Figure out what kind of person you want to be and why you haven't gotten there yet. That’s what I’m doing. And I suggest it for you too. See with ‘lag time’ which is the time it takes between setting your goal and the actual accomplishment of the goal the main thing is that it is difficult to know if you need to keep on keeping on and being consistent with your plan or whether you need to scrap your plan, or do you just need to make adjustments. Don’t you feel this when you train and think about how you are exercising and eating? Don’t you ask yourself pretty often whether another way might be better? Even if you are making gains or feel like you are we all have a need to know that it is “working” And is the impatience that you are feeling because you actually don’t have the most efficient plan, or is it just this lag time I’m talking about? This is a process I feel we all are going through.

Considering I would hazard a guess that only about 1/10 plans get the results you want, at the LEVEL you want, in the time frame you want I suggest you also have a backup plan..but this is for another post.

Another thing about this lag time is I felt like I was going from a reasonable level of blog/post updates on “my journey”….to having not much to talk about for 2 years! But again more sensible Ing talk coupled with a hard smack across my bottom happened because I told myself that sharing my ambitions doesn't prove anything except maybe a need to be patted on the back. And I’m all for a pat on the back…right before my heavy deadlift and preferably really hard!!! But I can handle an ‘abstinence’ for a period of time. Otherwise it get’s boring right?

So if you are like me and have a 6/12/18 month “grind” between wedding days (being unmarried, comps are a little akin to a wedding day to me, ha ha) my best advice is to immerse yourself in the work it'll take, create habits, find pleasure in doing it without accolades, and slowly become a person who's capable of achieving what you're after.

Whatever the case, love the effort. Love the lifting. Love finding answers. Love the idea that you still have a lot of progress to make. Love knowing you have the potential to make it. And once in a while, love keeping some of your process a secret.

Finally….yes I do acknowledge the importance of “mini-goals”. I’ve found mine short-term. My first sanctioned power-lifting meet in December. I love the more traditional hypertrophy training and my training in this interim will reflect this. But I will also say this. Figure girls can sometimes look really strong, like super buff but (and PLEASE do not think I am dissin anyone’s capabilities to lift I am just making a point here) but honestly there is something about looking like the kind of girl who could tow a car, and in some cases a small truck, but struggles to do 4 sets of 12 with a 5 kg db.…..well that disturbs me a little. I have seen some 50 kg girls wringing wet using 80-100 kg’s on their bars AND move them explosively. Pretty cool!! I don’t want to be the girl who looks like she’s strong as but has to remove plates off the bar if I rock up to a group pump class….you catch my drift?

So, if any of you have a lag time….”I feel ya girlfriend…I really do”. But let’s get this straight….eating fantastic and training like a super-charged, high spirited buff barbie bad-ass still exists with nary a selfie, a tweet, or a status update in sight.