MS Universe - A Coaches Dream

Ingrid Barclay on Thursday, 16 June 2016.

Well, 9 years after taking to stage the first time my coaching protégée Renata Stojanovski won the Ms Universe Superbody title last Sunday. Then she was offered and accepted her PRO card, and hence 90 minutes later went out on stage to be amongst the best of the best in the PRO division. Excitingly she was placed 5th which is a tremendous achievement for both her and Body Conquest.


For Renata's nutrition and training I used the RECOMPOSER tool to achieve her final physique. With recomposer you "Just eat the same quantities of the same things every day and measure what happens. Then make small changes and measure what happens. This way we quickly leant what works for her and what doesn't. Learn your body by measuring how it responds and you'll be able to do anything you want with it. For her, recomposer really took things to another level.


It has been great to incorporate a lot of variety in to Renata's diet. The diet itself has come a long way from 2009 when it was mostly fish, chicken, asparagus and broccoli. Right up to the Universe she was consuming red meat, tropical fruit, nuts, a variety of lean proteins, yoghurt, so she feels like she "did it easy". To the point at times she felt almost guilty. Well, that's a great way to diet and shred in my opinion.


As a coach it is with much pride that I look back and reflect on her journey. What makes her a champion? The number 1 thing is the consistency she applies to her training. Renata would never dream of missing a workout. She would never not put in 200%. She is a workhorse who doesn't shy away from any exercise, any amount of work, any puzzle. She also is acutely aware of her body and listens to it before it screams. Therefore her attention to salt baths, ice baths, myotherapists, dry needling, stretching, foam rollering is all second to none. She rests when she needs to, eats more when she needs too, doesn't eliminate food types and limits her cardio.


Athletes like her come along once in a lifetime – so I am a lucky coach and feel deeply honored to have shared her journey.