Loving Yourself.....

Ingrid Barclay on Wednesday, 16 September 2015.

This is for those of you who give your body and what you think about your body a hard time on a daily basis. And no eye rolls about these words “loving your body”

Because here are the two mistakes most of us make:
Mistake 1: Unlike everything else in the world that we love — our children, significant other, grandparents, doggies, collection of cacti plants — we ask our body to be “perfect” before we love it.
Mistake 2: We confuse “loving” with “liking”. Instead of love — a d...eep unconditional acceptance and celebration of uniqueness — we look for “like” — a transaction based on the presence of specific requested features. We make “if-then” rules about under what conditions we will “like” our bodies.

In order to like my body I must have…
Likeable bodies always do…
And we rage at our bodies when they are not “perfect”. Which is always.
If you’re mad at your body and don’t love it, it’s not your body’s fault. It’s that you’ve forgotten what the concept of “love” implies. So stop confusing liking with loving for goodness sakes.
Loving your body does NOT mean you can’t work to become healthier, fitter, or stronger. Help yourself mature and explore, just as you might do with children. Encourage yourself to try new things. Challenge yourself.
It’s OK to have moments of “not-like”. Because you can still not-like and love at the same time. Like, I love Renata and Ji but if either or worse, both, crunch loud salad near me I want to strangle them to death. You can still be a little mad at your body for not giving you a IFBB career, sometimes. But you should probably get over it and also forgive your body for cramps and pimples, your crooked teeth and for rejecting red wine.
Loving your body DOES mean you start with what is.
It means that you decide to love and care for yourself first. Right now. As-is. No conditions. No asterisks on the contract. No caveat.