Awesome Comes In All Shapes and Sizes

Ingrid Barclay on Monday, 19 October 2015.

I like celebrating womans bodies for what they can do rather than how they match up against whatever ideal they are supposed to look like. Appreciating physical feats of strength rather than purely aesthetics is such a healthy, and long overdue, approach. Admiring each other for how many plates are on the bar in the squat rack or how many overhand wide grip chin ups you can do seems pretty cool.

But!!!! I still an issue when I see a lot of the memes on Facebook. LL

99% of the memes have competitive figure girls (who look AMAZING) and yes they may be strong and/or fit. But in doing so we’ve simply replaced one old aesthetic ideal of “skinny” with another of “lean and muscular,” and come up with a new reason to obsess over instead of celebrate our bodies.

I have ruminated over this and I have to ask the question – if for example ‘strong is the new skinny’ then why is the meme not on a picture of Beccy Swanson (strongest girl in the world and my personal hero)?? I mean I know why….because she is a big girl and most women would not aspire to look like her.

Sooooo, I’m less than impressed that we’ve simply replaced skinny with another ideal. I think we missed the point!

So let me start this Monday morning by saying this:

Skinny/whippet lean is okay. Some women naturally have low body fat and little muscle mass (while doing little cardio, eating plenty, doing cartwheels, and dancing to their heart’s content). Some of these women are also pretty amazing athletes.

Chubby is okay. Just because someone doesn’t have a rippling six-pack doesn’t make her unhealthy or unfit. Some women feel and perform better with a little bit of extra fat on their bodies. Some of these women are also pretty amazing athletes. We all know one of these girls in our gym.

Muscular is okay, too. Some women put on muscle easily and naturally have low body fat. It doesn’t make them manly, or fitness freaks, or any better or worse than the skinny girl on her right who can run laps around her on the track or the chubby girl who can back squat the both of them. No surprise here, but some of the muscular women are pretty amazing athletes, too.

 I’m just saying that “amazing and healthy” comes in many shapes and sizes.

Happy Monday FIO girls….oh and in case you have never heard of her…..here is a photo of Beccy Swanson