Are You ON The Trying To Diet Diet?

Ingrid Barclay on Thursday, 23 July 2015.

Are any of you girls on the "trying to diet diet"? Do you spend time sorting out in your head "how" to eat? And you think you want to commit to roughly 90% healthy and "On plan" but you might have two meals off on a Saturday. And then you spend copious amount of time deciding what meals to have on the Saturday and where and with whom. And it might end up being Saturday lunch with a friend or loved one at a café you really want to try. And then you decide your evening meal will be at home because when you're alone if you kinda binge out no-one will see you.

But then as you go through you week you figure that eating naughty on Saturday is great but you really like the idea of a Sunday meal too. So then you can't decide and figure that three meals won't hurt you. But then goddamit, unwittingly and totally without invitation the "trigger" of a Friday night bowl of ice-cream creeps into the agenda.

Your cross and agitated now because you just want to 'sort this out in your head and get your mind straight' about your plan of attack. So then you think (and now you've spent all the first three days of the week thinking thinking thinking food strategies) "well a few weekends eating 50/50 isn't that bad, how about I do that for a month and then I will look at tidying it up even better". So you settle on that.

BUT!!!! Thursday you get up. You start getting ready for work and you feel fat, bloated, pudge McGee pants and instantly you get put into a bad mood. SO there goes THAT idea of 2-3 naughty meals on the weekend. You get through your day, you train. You train well. You begin to feel better. You eat great. You pleased with yourself. You repeat on Friday. But – Friday late afternoon there is a gnawing line of code going into you brain that says Netflix, pj's and some yummy food tonight sounds pretty good. And you reflect on your weeks eating. You know what. You HAVE fuelled your workouts. You have eaten well. You HAVE trained hard. But the thing is, the foods, the amounts, the potions that you usually DO consume is just going to ensure that it is one step forward and at least one and a half if not 2 steps backwards.

Saturday morning you wake up and you feel good because in your mind you have "chosen" to eat of plan and you ae very determined to not attach guilt to it. And you don't! You enjoy your choices, but you might be wearing clothing that is comfy just so that you don't visually deal with a belly that is slightly fuller than usual. But you can feel it under you Jim jam top. Off you trot to bed. Sunday you wake up. You eat a good meal 1, then you head out to a café. You have a latte instead of a zero calorie liquid dink which is your usual modus operandi. You ode r well. But on the way home, because you have already, almost sub-consciously decided that this coming week....you ae going to sot this treat meal thing out BETTE in your head, you buy some choccy and watch MasterChef. All the while though.....you are thinking about whether next week you should just choose 1 free meal? Or maybe do the month thing and re-assess, and so the mental gymnastics continues.