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The Dreaded Lag Time

Ingrid Barclay on Tuesday, 14 July 2015.

So if you are like me and have a 6/12/18 month “grind” between wedding days (being unmarried, comps are a little akin to a wedding day to me, ha ha) my best advice is to immerse yourself in the work it'll take, create habits, find pleasure in doing it without accolades, and slowly become a person who's capable of achieving what you're after.

Whatever the case, love the effort. Love the lifting. Love finding answers. Love the idea that you still have a lot of progress to make. Love knowing you have the potential to make it. And once in a while, love keeping some of your process a secret.

Competing and Depression

Ingrid Barclay on Friday, 10 July 2015.

"Dealing with depression is war, and you've got to treat it like one. You can't give an inch of ground. Every seemingly insignificant thing that you can do to improve your situation, strengthens you and weakens the depression; despite it being a constant weekly, daily, hourly, battle, you NEED to stick to your plan to conquer it as it WILL help - in time." – Ingrid Barclay

Interview With The Amazingly Wonderful Mareike Miller

Ingrid Barclay on Friday, 15 May 2015. Posted in All

Interview With The Amazingly Wonderful Mareike Miller
What's your main message that you try to get across to women who train? And indeed women in general.

Let yourself be motivated not because you hate yourself or your body, but because you love and respect yourself and are fascinated by all the incredible things your body can do. Focus on performance, and look for and celebrate the win in every training session you do. They are always there! Also, stop judging yourself by how you look. It's just a body. Like I say to my clients; it's not a deformity, it's just body fat. You can change it if you really want to. Stop giving it more power than it deserves.

Reverse Dieting

Ingrid Barclay on Wednesday, 29 April 2015.

I am not 100% certain but I think going into comp most girls truly believe that they will 'conquer' the post stage process and this leads to bitter disappointment for most – as it is hard. Remember that H word I always come back too. Hormones. A lot of the ability to stay on track comes back to hormomes trying to dictate another story. IN my opinion I believe reverse dieting is now the HARDEST thing you will ever do in our sport of figure and bodybuilding.

Mums Can Look Amazing Too!

Ingrid Barclay on Thursday, 26 March 2015.

Mums Can Look Amazing Too!
The general population: "But I'm pregnant. You know what happens to your body when you get pregnant!!"

Me: "no, tell me. What happens? Trolls come and tie you down and make you eat more that your body and pregnancy require? They tie you down and make you remain inactive for 9 full months?"

Ok. That's a little satirical I know. But I'm not an idiot....pregnancy doesn't have to mean your whole body goes to hell in a hand basket. Granted, some people deal with some pretty debilitating sickness in pregnancy. And some deal with a variety of other health issues that prohibits them from being active both during and post pregnancy. From my limited understanding issues such as water retention, varicous veins, diastasis recti , Braxton hicks to name a few can be very physically uncomfortable. However, for THE GENERAL LOW RISK POPULATION, aside from those early couple weeks where you are (apparently) just dog ass tired, there is no reason you can't remain active through pregnancy. There is absolutely NO REASON to pack on 30-50 kilograms. That's dang near gluttony (again, assuming the healthy population).

Quit giving into society's "excuse" for giving up on your health. It's not only your well-being on the line, but that of your child.

Interview With Oxy Girl Skye Cushway

Ingrid Barclay on Monday, 23 March 2015.

Interview With Oxy Girl Skye Cushway
My main message to women who train and women in general? Strong woman stay young so Weight training is the fountain of youth/try to stay Balanced and not get obsessed with body building and get caught up in the whole 'Diva attitude' / stay TRUE to yourself and most importantly LOVE yourself and your body, we only have 1 life so think about your longevity as well as right now!!! Way too many woman are going down the road of WAY too many 'extra supplements' and they are not thinking about the consequences.... It's really sad to see more and more woman turn to this in the Health and fitness industry for a plastic trophy and FB glory! So BE KIND to your body you only have 1.

Pre-Exhaust Delt Workout

Ingrid Barclay on Thursday, 19 March 2015.

Pre-Exhaust Delt Workout
I don't normally prescribe too much pre-exhaust but it is a useful strategy and will give you a real chance to rekindle the mind-muscle connection. So we are going to start with isolation exercises. Concentrating on purposeful recruitment of the particular muscle one is intending to work more effectively targets that muscle!

Dedicated Delt Day

Ingrid Barclay on Thursday, 19 March 2015.

Dedicated Delt Day
Dedicated Delt Day

The following workout is meant to be done on a dedicated delt day. This is a very strenuous specialization program performed ONCE a week.

We are going to use the seated military press to get your shoulders primed for the rest of the workout.

Pick a weight that's heavy enough to engage your delts. Crack out 10-15 smooth reps. If you can do much more than that with ease, then your warm up weight is too light. Go heavier. You should feel tension in the delts even with your warm-up weight. Now I want you to pyramid your way up in weight and down in repetitions for 4 working sets. On your last set you should only be able to get out between 4-7 reps. If you can do more, you didn't go heavier enough.

Why Get Back On Stage

Ingrid Barclay on Wednesday, 18 February 2015.

I've already covered the physical challenge of training. Here's something else...getting on stage is scary for me There is discomfort and sacrifice in preparing for a figure competition. But the final 48 hours is over the top. I practice with a posing coach who critiques my body and the way I present it. I have to stand naked in front of my air brush artist (my partner), getting myself painted a dark hue of brown. In daily life, I don't style my hair, wear much makeup, except for some lipstick or paint my nails. I wear runners all day every day. Uggs in the winter. Pj's all weekend. I know, I'm a shocker!! Creature of comfort. The week before the competition, I will spend six or seven hours in a beauty salon, getting dyed, waxed, and pedicured. The day of the contest I have to walk to the middle of the stage, alone and under the lights, in front of an audience of bodybuilding afiocionados, and smile at a panel of judges, who I will know actually as I am normally on the judging panel with them. I don't want to look like a fool. I want to look like I belong, and garner respect.

If you compete – you can too. All of these things may, or may not be provided to you if you compete. These are my reasons and I have always said on FIO you should compete for 'right' reasons, for 'good' reasons, not reasons such as validation, or to 'prove a point, or worst of all in an effort to control your body fat and control your body.

How to Deliver Criticism

Ingrid Barclay on Monday, 09 February 2015.

Have you been to a group posing class lately (there have been a lot run here in Victoria of late), or been to see a coach or trainer – seeking feedback and to be critiqued only to end up being quite hurt and or de-motivated from the experience? Being in a sport where we clearly need to train around our flaws (perceived and factual) it is important for us to get feedback from others who can look at us and our bodies objectively. Those doing the critiquing though, should keep in mind that their feedback can affect people's feelings in a very strong way. Therefore the manner in which constructive criticism is delivered back should be thoughtful and deliberate. I don't think we need our feathers fluffed. I'm not suggesting that – honesty is always the best policy, but perhaps we should stick to saying something positive – then deliver the "home truths" and then finish again with a positive. So that the individual walks away in a good head space.

A-Z For Women Who Weight Train - Get Strong, Sexy and Empowered

Ingrid Barclay on Thursday, 05 February 2015.

A: Attitude....(s) are contagious, make yours worth catching. Find the bright spot in every situation, appreciate the grey, put aside your ego when you need. But be baddass when lifting

B: Brawn...Don't be brawn, beastly but with a barbie brain! Although brain without brawn is unfilled promise. Refer to letter S.

C: Craft...the fitness game is something greater than formulas for goal-attainment – it's a craft and you can be a craftswoman within it.

D: we got Double D here. Diligence and dedication. Find and apply yours. Daily.

Can You Self-Loathe Yourself to Stage?

Ingrid Barclay on Wednesday, 04 February 2015.

Can you get your body to stage (or stage ready) by forcing it through negative self-talk – self criticism, self-loathing and hatred of your body? Yes you could. But I'm betting those girls who do so are also the ones with the highest likelihood of post comp blues and on-going disordered eating. How are YOU getting lean? Is it through negative talk, or positive appraisement?


4 Warning Signs Your diet Is Not For You

Ingrid Barclay on Monday, 12 January 2015.

IF the diet you have been given gets your calories down to somewhere around 90-75% of your BMR then it really is going to wreck so much havoc on you I would argue permanently that you should just ask for a refund.

Don't jump on my 10-25% BMR or assume for 1 second that I think doing a diet that has calories that do not even cover your BMR AT REST (so not even including your weight training and cardio) expenditure on top is ok. Again don't mis-read what I have written. I don't think it's ok. I don't think it is safe. Nor good for you.

But and this is the but. I KNOW unconditionally, for a fact times at least 30 odd, but my best educated guess is that despite what everyone talks about, blogs, writes, purports, sings to the world, there are many coaches that currently write such diets and there are plenty of girls who do these diets. I have 30 odd diets written by Australian/US coaches for clients who have since come under me. They send me these diets as an example of what they have done previously of course. So I SEE these diets,its there in cold print as are to be sure some of mine other coaches have seen. That's just how it is and that's fine. Let's not kid ourselves. Pretty unsavoury "hard core" to the death types of diets are being written, will be written for 2015 season A and B and peeps will do them.

Fact: There will be some girls with these diets in their hands right now that they are sticking too for this season.

Fact: They will follow them

Fact: They not only don't meet BMR requirements, they are WELL under BMR requirements

Fact: They are going to suffer. Terribly.

I am saying this kind of level of insufficient calories is CRAZY and please don't think that you are somehow going to escape the physiological and physical repercussions of such an approach.

Get Rid Of Alcohol As Your Crutch Too

Ingrid Barclay on Monday, 22 December 2014.

Every discussion centres around the caloric value of the alcohol rather than the shift in metabolic priorities. Thyroid medications don't cause weight loss because the pills are low in calories. And anabolic-steroids do not cause muscle gain because the injections are high in calories and protein. All of these drugs – including alcohol – cause profound changes in systemic metabolism. Which is why alcohol has been described as the "anabolic steroid of fat". It drugs you fat!

Kirsten Engels Last Blog Before The Worlds

on Wednesday, 29 October 2014.

But while riding this wave, I have come to detest the self-righteousness of some opinions. I believe the condition of my body means my sensitiveness to certain things is heightened. I admit this is one of them, but it has played on my mind so much that I am going to blurt it out.. in my way... bullet points;
The way you start out thinking you'll prep may not be the way you end up actually prepping. Grand ideas of eating text-book foods and never over-doing the exercise, not even considering a fasted-cardio session or multiple gym visits in a day – whatever!!! When you are committed to a goal and you've been single-focused for around 4.5 months, you'll find yourself open to ideas that once you would have balked at. Get over yourself, do some research and decide whether it's worthy of a try or not – but don't reject it purely based on stubborn self-righteousness. And there's only one thing worse than a prepper with that attitude and that's a non-prepper who chimes in with their own self-righteous angle on what another is doing in a terribly judgemental way. Rack off.
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