We have been getting Australians smarter, stronger, leaner for over twenty five years, because we have the passion.



Team BC offers a support network of experienced trainers for attaining your body conquest physique.



Our passion for peer reviewed scientific based fitness and health empowers, changing the way people behave.



We enhance lifestyles by helping achieve personal goals through programs, techniques and mental strategies.



We train hard and play hard, BCs' winning advantage has been putting clients on the podium for over 13 years.



We offer a range of flexible training options guaranteed to adapt to your schedule giving you no excuses!

Find the program that fits your needs

  • Platinum Package Contest Coaching
  • Gold Package Contest Coaching
  • Silver Package Contest Coaching
  • 10 Week Lean Muscle Gain Course
  • Metabolic Precision Metabolic Precision
  • 10 Week Foundation For Figure Competiton Course
  • 12 Week Fat Loss Course 12 Week Fat Loss Course
  • Body Conquest Recomposition Program
  • End Emotional Eating Course
  • Body Conquest Monthly Membership Body Conquest Monthly Membership
  • Casual Training Session Casual Training Session
  • Metabolic Precision Online
  • Figure Girl 12 week Foundation Program
  • 10 Week Fat Loss Course
  • Diet Enhancement Program

  • Krystal Basanno
    It is a great feeling to work hard and get the results you are working towards. Ingrid has been a massive part of this improvement for me and I cannot thank her enough. She has changed my life and my lifestyle forever and I am so grateful to her.
  • Jane Grimmer
    Most of all I find the sessions hard, heavy, fun and empowering. More power to me.
  • Tom Brown
    Ing you are an amazing coach and person. Thank you for starting my journey.
  • Robyn Cocks
  • Helen Donnelly
    Ten days ago, I was on stage, in the best physical (and mental) condition I have ever been. 12 months ago, I would have said that this was impossible.
  • Tanya Bistrovic
    Thank you for making my dream come true.
  • Robert Thyme
    The on-line service has been amazing and I feel she genuinely cares about me and my end goals.
  • Meindert Van Der Veer
    For a guy convinced he was a skinny 'hardgainer' for life, this transformation was beyond epic and showed me what is capable when you work with those at the top of their game.
  • Amie Henry
    Thank you for my 10 week Fat Loss course! What a life changer! I will remain a member of Body Conquest for life!
  • Stephanie Sanzo
    I loved being part of a TEAM my confidence grew as I knew I wasn't alone.
  • Amy Hansen
    The course was fantastic it doesn't just tell you what to eat, it teaches you to construct a meal so no matter where you are you can make correct food choices.
  • Lachlan Brown
    Ingrid helped to set specific goals over a fixed time frame which made the transformation process realistic and within reach.
  • Steve Gatter
    The simple fact is that I've done the work that's gotten me to this point - but I never would have done it if it hadn't been for Ingrid and Ji.
  • Joyce
    Thank you for making me accountable, thank you for encouraging me to strive and persist, thank you for educating me and liberating me from the habit of bad eating and thank you for taking my body from its sleep state to now one of being alive and confident!
  • Nelly
    I cannot describe how much Body Conquest has changed my life and given me all the tools I need to continue my health and fitness journey through life's ups and downs.
  • Dale Rogers
  • Tracy Goddard
  • Kerryn White
    Thanks for all your help and support in my 10 Week Fat Loss and Wellness Program.
  • Gayle Morris
    Its difficult to find the right words to express the gratitude that I feel.
  • Trish Veug
    My health was always the pinnacle of Ingrid's priorities while I got lean and ripped.


The Body Conquest team consistently pushes to win achievable goals through smart training,
here are some of those that have reaped reward from our passion.

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  • stephanie
  • mercedes
  • janice
  • ryan
  • wendy
  • belle
  • zoe-claire
  • dani


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